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In 1998, I researched the Boerboel for Dr. Carl Semencic of

America, for inclusion in his book "Gladiator Dogs",
(T.F.H publication ISBN 0-7938-0596-1 ).

I translated what info I could find to English, including the breed standard. At the time, and made numerous calls to Kobus Rust, then chairman of SABT, and Lukas v.d. Merwe. I visited a variety of owners and breeders of Boerboels, one being Anemarie Pretorius, currently Vice Chairman, interviewing them and taking photographs. This process caused a deep patriotic stirring, especially for afrikana, and a passion for the Boerboel. I emigrated to UK shortly after that, and dearly wanted to import a Boerboel, but I was not going to jail a dog, let alone a young pup for it's entire adolescence, in quarantine for six-months, just because it is a breed I desire to keep, regardless of the patriotic heritage the Boerboel brings.

I have always been a dog-man, have bred and showed Bull Terriers in SA, but since 1998, I have maintained a desire to be involved with Boerboels, yearning to own one. Now the desire to be involved with Boerboels has magnified, and within my abilities and capabilities, I desire to be an ambassador for the breed, doing what I can to promote it's health, welfare and status.


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