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Tigerberg Bagira ,5 weeks old





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Boerboel pedigree database

This will be an ongoing project for which I will need everyone’s input. It is a useful tool, especially for breeders, both professional breeders as well as small or single bitch owners who wish to mate there Boerboel to an appropriate Sire; but such a tool is only as good as it's information.

Please review the database and if your Boerboel/s do not feature, then please add them, with as much info as you can. See if it's parents feature and if they do, please link your animal to them appropriately. The main function of the database is to provide COI (Coefficient Of Inbreeding) which will tell you how much blood of each animal will be transmitted to "Virtually Mated" animals. This is vital for the ongoing health,  and ongoing health improvement of the Boerboel breed.

The way of genetic importation is such that, too much "same blood" will eventual cause problems, as the recessive genetic problems get strengthened, till they appear as a form of dominant gene.

 So I again ask for everyone’s input, it is for the sake of the breed that you have chosen as special to you; 

The Boerboel.







Urgent Appeal

If you have a database of Boerboels,
please make it available to me for up-load to the Pedigree Database.

The more complete this database here is, the more effective it is as a breeding tool, and the better for the health and welfare of the breed.

Maintaining the site costs; Both money and an immense amount of time.

I have spent several hundred GBP on the lisencing of a more powerful database and Genetic Software that I hope to make available on-line - if I cannot, it will become a service provided. At present the Genetic Software is being remodelled to suit the Boerboel.

If you like this site and find it useful and wish to make a donation, this would be greatly appreciated. 
Please send via PayPal as a personal gift to     engelseboer@yahoo.com


Thank You


Tigerberg Brolloks 4weeks





Tigerberg Bronco Shaka 4 weeks old

Tigerberg bliksem

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Tigerberg Pandorah 6weeks old
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