Boerboel Database

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A Quick Word Before You Enter The Database:


You do not need to “join” the database to use it and view animals, only if you wish to add animals.

To keep a little control over the Boerboels entered into the database only registered members of the
website are allowed to enter information into the database. Registration is free and will give you full
access to all the elements of this website.


Joining The Database:


When you register, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail with a link, which you need to click to complete
your registration. After this you may add your animals – edit them – delete them. It seems daunting at
first and I struggled a little until I worked out what I was doing wrong. So here are some tips;


Adding Animals


When adding dogs to the database, it is best to start as far back as possible and work forward.. 
because you cannot ADD a name as a father or mother
you can only select them... so put grandfather down 1st----add pic next (if you have 1)
add father (select unknown)
add mother (select unknown)
add grand mother  --  add pic --   
add father (select unknown) 
add mother (select unknown) 
add Father  -- add pic -- 
add sire (select grandfather) --- 
add dam (select grandmother) etc.... 
always start with the oldest animal
add ALL the oldest  then the next generation and work forward

(but please don’t wait till you have a fuller pedigree, it is easy to come back later with others and enter
them, then link them as a sibling, a parent or a child of an animal already in the database.)

In the example below, it is best to start with

Johannesburg --- sex M --- add pic ---  Father (unknown) Mother (unknown)

Klerksdorp   --- sex F --- add pic ---  Father (unknown) Mother (unknown)

Pretoria --- sex M --- add pic ---  Father (unknown) Mother (unknown)

Potchefstoom --- sex F --- add pic ---  Father (unknown) Mother (unknown)

Rustenburg --- sex M --- add pic ---  Father (unknown) Mother (unknown)

Potgiersrus --- sex F --- add pic ---  Father (unknown) Mother (unknown)

Whiteriver --- sex M --- add pic ---  Father (unknown) Mother (unknown)

Danville --- sex F --- add pic ---  Father (unknown) Mother (unknown)





























































Now when you add Mosselbaai, Outeniqua, George and Maffaking – their parents are there to select

A dog will not be added if you do not “add a parent” and you can only add a parent by selecting an
existing; therefore if you don’t know the parent, or it is not yet loaded in the Database –
you MUST select “unknown”

If you make a mistake -- select unknown then edit the animal  afterwards....Once the dog is there 
it can be edited, and linked to fathers - or change sex etc
but it is easier to do it as explained above; If you forget to say bitch is a female it will default to dog
then when u want to select her as a mother she will not be displayed because a male cannot be a mother,
so u have to select unknown mother) and edit her sex 1st, then u can edit / select her as a mother.




It is not difficult to edit animals you added, but you cannot do so with animals you did not add.

I can however, so if you see a problem, please let me know so that I can resolve it.
To edit, click the little icon next to the animals name and sex symbol.
e = edit     x = delete
Please ensure you look to see if an animal is not there already before you add it, however if for some 
reason you feel you do need to add it as a duplicate animal, please let me know who and why, so that I
can delete the one you found wrong, otherwise this will quickly become a mess.
I am new to this too, and am also learning my way around
Thanks again all


Enter the Database